Alumni Network

Our Alumni Network brings principals together to help them solve problems collectively, and to provide ongoing exposure to relevant tools and models to further strengthen leadership practice in schools.

The network is made up of principals who come together as one community, or in regional and online sessions, to engage with issues that are affecting all or many schools.

The network enables principals to share learnings and best practices, and also allows senior business leaders to present relevant business models or frameworks that can provide assistance with challenges faced by schools. The network sessions typically involve structured interaction and joint problem-solving.

The network plans to increase its engagement via digital channels, building on the live streaming currently available at all face-to-face sessions. Our aim is to continue the programme of professional development for principals and their next layer of leaders, in order to improve their strategic leadership skills and capabilities in all regions of the country.

To find out more about upcoming Alumni Learning Network events please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Alumni principals can access a range of services after they complete the Strategic Leadership for Principals’ Programme. These services help accelerate implementation of their strategic plans and continue the professional development of school leaders. Principals continue to work with our highly-competent skills volunteers who can assist them in addressing their change projects, which can be one-off projects of a short duration or multi-year initiatives to implement long-term transformation.

The services offered to alumni school leaders include:

Master classes. Two master classes in the half year following the Strategic Leadership for Principals’ Programme to kick-start the implementation programmes.

Implementation check-ins. Regular sessions with a skills volunteer to do implementation planning and keep the change programme on track.

Strategic change projects. Mentoring by a volunteer Engagement Manager to support a strategic initiative, and support to access project management best practices and tools.

School transformations. We put together a team of skills volunteers to support a multi-year transformation through a number of change projects.

Project themes range widely, and include stakeholder engagement, culture change, building high-performing teams, measurement and evaluation, improving teaching efficacy and student leadership. All change projects are focused on achieving the school’s strategic goals.

Read more about past projects.

Think tanks. Groups of school leaders and specialists from the corporate sector who work together to develop ideas and solutions for tackling common problems shared by schools.

Developing high-performing leadership teams. A series of facilitated workshops with a school’s senior leadership team to build collective ownership of the strategic roadmap; to develop the attributes of a high-performing team and to develop the leadership competencies of both individual team members and the team as a whole.

CoL collaboration. Change management support to lead principals and their Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako to help develop alignment around their community vision, achievement challenges and collaborating effectively.

Contact us to find out more about Alumni Services.

Watch a short video of Kohia Terrace’s Parent Engagement Project.


For organisations, corporate volunteering programmes both increase a company’s visibility in the community and drive employee engagement. In addition, there are growing numbers of the corporate workforce who express a desire for a deeper sense of purpose to their work life. Skills volunteering is a great way for your employees to apply their expertise in a way that benefits the social good, while providing more variety and purpose to their day-to-day work. It also has the effect of sharpening corporate leaders’ coaching skills and strategic thinking capabilities.

Springboard Trust provides opportunities for skilled senior business leaders to meaningfully contribute to their local communities in a positive, respectful manner around a common theme of strategic leadership.

Find out about how you can become a skills volunteer

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