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Measure what matters Ensure measures inform wise action Tell compelling, evidence-based stories of progress and outcomes Our next intake commences in March. For programme details, please visit our Balanced Scorecard for Schools Aotearoa page or jump straight in and express your interest here to receive a call from one of our team. For many of our principals, the measurement of strategic progress proves to be the most challenging of the strategic leadership capabilities to master. Although schools are often awash with measures, knowing how to measure what matters and what will meaningfully demonstrate progress towards a strategic vision can feel more complicated than it should. Springboard Trust’s Balanced Scorecard for Aotearoa (BSSA) programme has been developed with just this challenge in mind and provides an opportunity for school leadership teams to elevate their strategic thinking around measurement – to step out of the helicopter and in to the space station if you will! “Balanced Scorecard has identified gaps in practice between what the school says it values and the actual ability to measure this and demonstrate achievement" Schools are supported to understand their unique performance goals across 4 key areas and to develop a small number of impactful, long-term success measures. These measures take into account both strategic change plans and critical ‘business as usual’ activities that contribute to holistic school performance over time. The resulting scorecard presents impacts and progress with clarity, enabling meaningful storytelling, informed, strategic decision-making, and wise action. An online programme delivered over 2 terms, BSSA is open to any Aotearoa schools with an existing vision and strategic plan in place, regardless of participation in Springboard Trust’s strategic leadership programmes. The programme is significantly subsidised in 2023 with huge thanks to our strategic partner Aotearoa Foundation (a subsidiary of The Robertson Foundation), so there’s never been a better time to join the growing number of schools taking their strategic measurement to the next level! Learn more about BSSA and express your interest here.

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