Alumni Network

Alumni Services brings principals together to help them solve problems collectively, and to provide ongoing exposure to relevant tools and models to further strengthen leadership practice in schools.

Master classes

We offer two Master Classes to recent graduates of SLPP* to help them with the transition from strategic planning to leading change in their schools. Currently topics are “Leading and Managing Change” and “Talent Management” and will take place during Terms 1 and 2 respectively.

*Master Classes are for alumni principals who completed SLPP in the previous year.

Think tanks

We convene Think Tanks of principals and volunteers with relevant specialist skills to tackle common problems (e.g. increasing parent and whānau engagement). Following each Think Tank, all of the artefacts, templates and insights to come out of the session are shared with our wider Alumni Network.

Alumni Learning Events

We offer a number of ongoing learning events during the year on topics of interest relevant to strategic leadership. To facilitate nation-wide participation, alumni can attend in person or via live stream, and we encourage you to bring along your leadership team to each session.

To find out more about upcoming Alumni Learning Events This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Alumni principals can access a range of services after they complete the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme. These services help accelerate implementation of their strategic plans and continue the professional development of school leaders. Principals continue to work with our highly-competent skills volunteers who can assist them in addressing their change projects, which can be one-off projects of a short duration or multi-year initiatives to implement long-term transformation.

Watch a short video of Kohia Terrace’s Parent Engagement Project.


Learning programmes

Leading @ the CoL-face

A well-formulated strategy establishes the foundations which will set your Kāhui Ako or Community of Learning (CoL) up for success. If you are a lead principal of a CoL, this programme will help you to achieve alignment on the strategic leadership journey of the CoL and determine the strategic outcomes for the community as a whole.

CoL-laborative leadership

This programme focuses on enhancing team leadership effectiveness and collaborative practice for a group of principals in a Kāhui Ako or Community of Learning (CoL). We will assist you, as a team, to successfully lead the changes required to achieve your CoL’s strategic goals.

Developing high performing leadership teams

Many of our alumni principals want support to build more effective leadership teams. This programme focuses on enhancing team leadership and collaborative practice for you and your senior leadership team to successfully lead the changes required in achieving your strategic goals.

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Project initiation

The successful implementation of your strategic plan requires robust planning. If you are an alumni principal who is looking for support in scoping, analysis and design of your school’s strategic initiative project, then this is for you. Project support includes the development of a stakeholder management plan, active stakeholder engagement in planning, a scope, clear risk and issues identification, resourcing and measurement planning.

Project implementation

Following project initiation, this service is for alumni principals who may require strategic support from the Springboard Trust team in the implementation of a strategic initiative. This could be in Governance, for example, or through specialist support and input during implementation.

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Strategic road-mapping

If you are an alumni principal looking for extra support in specific areas of strategic planning, this service will assist you to develop a 3-year roadmap and priorities before launching the Year 1 initiatives for your school. We will support you to engage with key stakeholders in the development of a roadmap and to ensure your action plan for Year 1 is ready to launch.

Strategy refresh

If you are an alumni principal looking for a strategy refresh, due to either a placement at a new school, or it has been 3 years+ since you attended SLPP, then this service is right for you. You will work closely with a skilled volunteer who will support and mentor you through the process of developing a new strategy for your school.


Check-ins are designed for alumni principals who feel challenged and require coaching support. The nature and duration of that engagement, as well as the outcomes, depends on your needs. We work with you to establish what will create the biggest shift for you in your leadership.

Developing high performing leaders

Many of our alumni principals are keen to develop the leadership capabilities of their team. This service is designed for individuals to develop their leadership skills based on personalised feedback and one on one coaching. It includes the use of a leadership competency framework, a 360° survey and debrief, as well as a bespoke development plan for the leader.

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CoL change management support

We can assist your CoL in strategic planning, stakeholder analysis and mapping, enhancing relational trust and developing team charters and protocols. We can also help with clarifying roles and responsibilities, recruiting and selecting AST and WST roles, and coaching for CoL leaders. Springboard Trust belongs to the Ministry of Education’s panel of change management providers for Kāhui Ako or Communities of Learning (CoL).

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For organisations, corporate volunteering programmes both increase a company’s visibility in the community and drive employee engagement. In addition, there are growing numbers of the corporate workforce who express a desire for a deeper sense of purpose to their work life. Skills volunteering is a great way for your employees to apply their expertise in a way that benefits the social good, while providing more variety and purpose to their day-to-day work. It also has the effect of sharpening corporate leaders’ coaching skills and strategic thinking capabilities.

Springboard Trust provides opportunities for skilled senior business leaders to meaningfully contribute to their local communities in a positive, respectful manner around a common theme of strategic leadership.

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