Alumni Services

Who is it for?

This programme is targeted at school leadership teams (i.e. the principal and his/her direct reports).

Why do it?

This programme helps to ensure that the leadership team are aligned and effectively collaborating to lead the implementation of their strategic plan and achieve their shared vision.

What is it?

The HPLT programme is focused on supporting school leadership teams to develop a shared understanding of what it takes to develop a high performing leadership team. The core aim is to help teams to develop a distributed leadership model that values and leverages diverse strengths and skills.

The programme also promotes practice on key skills needed to address the inevitable challenges that will arise in a team, notably, appreciating individual differences, communicating collaboratively and managing different perspectives.

How does it work?

The programme is delivered through four facilitated workshops by a trained facilitator and coaching team. The workshops are informed by a leadership diagnostic that is completed by the leadership team..

Generally, quite a big impact as a team and huge clarity of where we’re heading as a team. It had been quite top down and now we can think of the bigger picture.

Principal, 2018
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