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We also extend our gratitude to our core group of Supporting Partners who provide significant in-kind contributions to our organisation - from meeting spaces and teleconferencing technology, to curriculum needs, time and expertise.

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A special thank you to facilitators Ian Narev (Chairman), Greg Gent (Southern Cross Healthcare Group, Chairman), Glen Hardham (ASB), Mark Russell (Business for Life), Michael Stribling (Spark Ventures), Nina Lammiman (IAG), Bevan McKenzie (Fletchers), Matt Bartlett (ASB), Matt Bolger (Fonterra), Michelle Kong (The Exponential Agency), Richard Spittle (ASB), Matt Prichard (KPMG), Jane Treadwell-Hoye (Epifani), Jack Carroll (KPMG), Guy Lane (Tenzing Ltd), Sven Pannell (KPMG), Toni Laming (Lincoln Hub).

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