Springboard Trust provides opportunities for skilled senior business leaders to meaningfully contribute to their local communities in a positive, respectful manner around a common theme of strategic leadership.

For organisations, corporate volunteering programmes both increase a company’s visibility in the community and drive employee engagement. In addition, there are growing numbers of the corporate workforce who express a desire for a deeper sense of purpose to their work life. Skills volunteering is a great way for your employees to apply their expertise in a way that benefits the social good, while providing more variety and purpose to their day-to-day work.

At Springboard Trust, senior business leaders are partnered with school principals to build their strategic leadership and planning skills through the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme. Skilled volunteers with expertise in project and change management also work alongside principals to support schools-based implementation projects through our Alumni Services programmes.

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Each capacity partner coaches a single principal as they are guided through a set curriculum to develop a strategic plan for their school. Over 10 months, the capacity partner and principal meet once or twice a month to discuss key aspects from the curriculum.

Capacity partners receive training and support for their role; they have a specific job description and are provided with workshop guides and suitable reference material. They typically attend two or more workshops with their principal and help to unpack key learnings. Capacity partners are also invited to Alumni Learning Events which deepen and extend the learning.

Capacity partners say they value the opportunity to develop their leadership styles and coaching outside of their own organisation, whilst making a real difference to the lives of hundreds of young people.

Thank you to all the people who have volunteered their time as capacity partners, including members of the following organisations:

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After principals have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals’ Programme, senior leadership coaches collaborate with them and their community to deliver strategic change projects from principals’ strategic plans. 

These engagement managers are project and change management experts equipped with extensive knowledge, tools, and resources. They have significant corporate sector experience in project management, change management, and transformation; these skills being critical for the success of school-based projects.

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