The Springboard Trust Prospectus

Up and coming opportunities for school leaders, volunteers and more.

Find your next professional learning and development opportunity.

At Springboard Trust, we partner school leaders with expert volunteers to create effective strategic leadership for Aotearoa.

The relationships, learning, tools and practical skills that leaders gain with us turns into lifelong learning and transformative change for New Zealand schools.

Every year, we offer a host of programmes, workshops and events for school leaders and their teams, each focusing on a unique or specific aspect of leadership development.

The Springboard Trust Prospectus is an outline of everything we have to offer both school leaders and volunteers - what we do, how we do it, who you would be working with and the benefits of each and every one of our programmes.

If you would like a physical copy of our prospectus, please contact - and if you are interested in one of our offerings, details for each are below - or you can fill out our EOI for 2022!

Springboard Trust: 2022 Expressions of interest

The Springboard Trust Prospectus

The Springboard Trust Prospectus

Everything you need to know about opportunities on offer for school leaders and volunteers in 2021.

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