School Innovation Services (Professional Learning and Development)

Government-accredited professional learning and development to help your school serve the community.  

Professional learning and development (PLD) is at the heart of any good school. Building tomorrow’s leaders and helping them adopt the same lessons you have learned through our programmes is a key part a future-focused education.  

But for so many New Zealand schools, needs are varied. Needs are unique. And those needs must be met to improve the lives of young New Zealanders.

School Innovation Services is Springboard Trust’s latest offering, supporting school leaders and Communities of Learning/Kāhui Ako with bespoke development opportunities.  

What is School Innovation Services?  

In short, School Innovation Services is our umbrella term for bespoke leadership development - be it for principals, their teams or Kāhui Ako.

This has included custom versions of our Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme, or running this in regions where we do not have existing resources to deliver. It has also meant strategic design and / or evaluation, as well as helping leadership teams prepare for cultural capability work.

In action, this will look different for every school. We are an accredited PLD provider with the Ministry of Education, and have worked in multi-agency and multi-school environments, right down to helping leaders with single-issue projects.  

The theme is collaboration – consulting with every available party, from school to government to community, and finding unique solutions for your challenges.  

If it will help learner success and it isn’t in our existing portfolio, our School Innovation Services team will be able to help.  

How does School Innovation Services work?  

Rather than focus on the development of a single leader or their team, School Innovation Services works on a project- or issue-based system around your school or Kāhui Ako.  

We utilise innovative thinking and cutting-edge frameworks to help schools tackle issues with the help of everyone around them. At all times, this is driven by a social impact model that ties everything you do back to the outcome – success for your learners.  

In practice, we have five general focus areas in School Innovation Services, with the resources to help New Zealand schools in any and all related issues.  

History of School Innovation Services 

This offering has stemmed directly from our work with Kāhui Ako across New Zealand.

Recently, we participated in the Communities of Learning Change Management panel with the Ministry of Education, and worked closely with many Kāhui Ako as a consultant to help them streamline, evolve and work together to achieve their common goals.  

Through this work, we developed a keen understanding of schools’ ongoing needs that complement our original suite of programmes.  

In 2019, we began a pilot series of School Innovation Services programmes, which expanded in 2020 to include a huge variety of bespoke leadership development for tumuaki across Aotearoa.

Who is School Innovation Services for?  

School Innovation Services are available to all who need it – not just the Springboard Trust alumni, and not just Kāhui Ako.

Whether you need help developing leadership capabilities, are struggling to manage conflicts or simply want communications assistance – School Innovation Services is set up to deliver your solutions, based on your needs.

To find out more about School Innovation Services, please contact your programme manager, or head on over to our contact page.  

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