2019 Impact Report

How Springboard Trust is making an impact for New Zealand's learners.

In 2019, Springboard Trust continued to improve outcomes for students, principals and schools across New Zealand.

Reaching a record 154,212 learners nationwide, our portfolio of programmes, workshops and services supported more than 400 principals in improving their educational leadership.  

In this Portfolio Impact Report, you will find:  

  • A breakdown of our portfolio by region and programme. 

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of our impact on New Zealand school leaders and students.  

  • Analysis of our volunteers' work and impact.

We have gone further than ever before in the evaluation of our impact on students in NZ schools, and are thrilled with the results - we hope you are too.

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2019 Impact Report

In-depth analysis of Springboard Trust's impact on New Zealand students, schools, leaders and communities.

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