Learning Events

Insight and connection with cutting-edge educational leadership.

Springboard Trust’s Learning Events are a unique opportunity to listen, learn and collaborate with some of New Zealand’s leading educational minds.

Held at least once per year, we use our cross-sector connections to bring speakers from a wide array of cultures, backgrounds and sectors with the express goal of enriching the lives and minds of New Zealand principals.  

Disruptive, engaging, challenging and rewarding – these are often the highlights of our alumni’s year.  

What is a Learning Event?

Prior to 2019, Learning Events were three to four hour sessions with a few speakers, built around areas of need that our alumni principals identified. 

In 2019, we held our first full-day event at Eden Park, with keynote speakers and attendees’ choice of breakout sessions throughout the day.  

With more than 250 people in attendance and nine wholly engrossing speakers, feedback suggests more of the same in the future.  

What is covered at a Learning Event?

Topics from previous years include:  

We have also had speakers approaching education from the perspectives of corporate leadership, early childhood neuroscience, public health and trauma recovery.  

Who can attend a Learning Event?

All alumni principals, as well as their leadership teams, are invited to attend each of our Learning Events. We also welcome partners, volunteers and principals currently taking part in the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme.  

Please note that unlike most of the Springboard Trust programmes and services, the Learning Event is not always free – full pricing and ticketing information will be provided well in advance of each announcement.  

Where can I sign up for the next Learning Event?

You can contact your Relationship & Programme Manager, or head on over to our contact page to fill out an expression of interest!

We will also notify all invitees of upcoming events via email and our social channels.  

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