High Performing Leadership Teams

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Springboard Trust believes that high performing leadership teams transform schools for tamariki in Aotearoa. Change in schools requires a commitment from not only the principal but also the entire leadership team.

Springboard Trust’s High Performing Leadership Teams programme helps school leadership teams to understand their role as leaders of change, work effectively together and focus on achieving demonstrable results.

What your team will gain:

Over three workshops, participants will build a cohesive team who understand one another, and will learn to operate and communicate effectively to improve learner success. By the end of the programme, a leadership team will have:  

  • A shared knowledge of what constitutes a high performing leadership team and a shared team purpose, behaviours, and goals to achieve this. 

  • Increased skills and abilities to work effectively together as a high performing leadership team and lead change.   

  • A shared commitment to change and a focus on operating strategically to achieve results. 

Who it's for:  

The programme is open to the leadership teams of principals who have completed our Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme or our Strategic Leadership for Rural Teaching Principals Programme).

While all leadership team members are welcome, it is ultimately the principal’s decision who to bring to the programme. In particular, leadership team members who play an important role in the implementation of the strategic plan should be invited.

Your commitment: 

To get the maximum impact from the programme, teams should be committed to positive change and prepared to challenge current team performance.

Allow time for the three four-hour workshops across the term, and time to reflect on learning individually and collectively between workshops.

The programme cost is $4,500 +GST.

How it works: 

The High Performing Leadership Teams programme is designed to enhance the effectiveness of school leadership teams and distribute leadership capability throughout the school. Through the programme teams will reflect on and challenge their current performance.

The programme addresses 3 key aspects of high performing teams:

Principals and their leadership teams (both senior and middle leaders welcome) work with expert facilitators through three four-hour workshops, delivered across one school term. 

A pre-programme self-assessment completed by participants helps the facilitators understand each leadership team, and tailor the programme to the team’s needs. Self-assessment results and analysis on how the team works together will be shared in the first workshop.

To enquire about our next High Performing Leadership Teams intake, please head to our Expression of Interest form.  

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