GoodMeasure Report: Springboard Trust

Independent evaluation of the Springboard Trust impact.

Positive impact for student achievement, mental health and engagement.

The GoodMeasure report is the latest evaluation of Springboard Trust, highlighting an incredible array of short- and long- term impacts from our programmes.

Produced by ImpactLab and commissioned by Springboard Trust, this independent and rigorously conducted report shows:

  • A $3.10 return on every dollar invested in Springboard Trust

  • Improved academic achievement and mental health in students of "Springboard Trust principals"

  • Higher student, whānau and community engagement

  • Increased teacher satisfaction and motivation

This is a groundbreaking report for Springboard Trust, independently verifying much of what we have found through our annual Impact Reports, as well as our ethos of great leaders making great schools.

Don't just take our word for it - read the report for yourself below.

ImpactLab GoodMeasure Report

Springboard Trust: GoodMeasure Report

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